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I missed you guys, so much has happened since my last post. You know NY is referred to as The City That Never Sleeps. I’m inclined to believe Chicago has the number two spot. So much has happened since my last post. As I start my long Memorial Day weekend, I vowed to drop two articles on you guys, as I choose to spend this weekend updating my WordPress audience on what is happening in Chicago.

My last post I introduced you to a young man from the activist community, running for office Willie Preston. I happen to be deeply involved in the campaign. Politicians always drowned the message of grassroots community with big dollars, whenever activists ran for public office. Many times, we would face their big money high powered lawyers to keep us off the ballot. Even after making the ballot, we would be faced with slenderest campaign mailings, robo calls, and tv commercials. Yet we would stay on the campaign trail until the end only to be faced with defeat. We didn’t have the money for commercials, posters or a way to get our messaging out, yet we would ride to campaign to the end.

The political climate is changing in Chicago and Springfield (the state Capitol). Politicians have lost the confidence of voters, and we felt this would be a good time to strike, we could pool our resources and run one candidate. Much to our surprise all the old heads endorsed our candidate, of course not trusting current “elected politicians” this raised a red flag. Our candidate has an opponent, one we fell would subsume to the current environment and not work on behalf of Black people in the state of Illinois. Why are the old head politicians endorsing our candidate? At a recent fundraiser as I have started moving in the political arena. I learned something I’ve always knew was true.

Black politicians have no backbone, the older they get the less they fight for our community. They become sedated, useless, yet the only reason they stay is they haven’t built anything outside of a political career. Black career politicians have gotten comfortable with campaigning every two- or four-years to retain the seat. Campaign season gives them the opportunity to bask in the “glow” of the people needing them, loving them so much they deny the harm and trauma they cause our community. Chicago neither the state of Illinois is broke although when it comes to basic resources for Black people communities “funding has been cut”…

Back to the campaign we’re doing pretty good, with reaching the voters, more quality community outreach, although we have less people working the campaign we push on. Deep breath exhale as I continue with relationships not broken but lack of support from the activist’s community. Most believe Willie if elected will succumb to the same behavior as our current politicians. I stress to them we must not leave him to fight for the community by alone, we must be present and visible when he’s elected to give him the support, he will need to fight generations of an environment that have existed created by Black career politicians. I did get word from Springfield Black politicians didn’t want Willie in Springfield to see the selling out of our communities by the very people our grandma’s vote in every election, as they continue to believe the lies. There is a great generational divide in Black communities as the younger generation don’t vote for the democratic party, and not sure about the republican party. Which leaves us with the majority older voters that vote for the democratic party. But as I said earlier the climate is changing, older Black voters are tired of seeing unarmed Black men killed by law enforcement. They now believe it time to hand the baton to young people and for this reason Willie have gotten the support of the elders. A New Breed of Leadership is what our communities need this is our message, this is our promise.

June 28th is the day the 16th District of the State of Illinois elect A New Breed of Leadership

About Willie Preston

Willie Preston is a dedicated husband and father, tireless activist, and community leader. He is a lifelong resident of Chicago, who has dedicated his life, and work, to fixing our broken criminal justice system, strengthening our schools, and ensuring economic and employment equity exists within our communities. Willie was born and raised in Englewood and is still rooted in the community.

As a young man just starting a family Willie worked as a Union carpenter to support his family but was personally devastated by the great recession. However, Willie was not deterred and pressed on by continuing his education at Chicago State University. This is why job training programs are a crucial part of his vision for creating economic growth on the Southside. As a citizen, Willie has been active throughout the 16th District—he has organized and attended rallies, been elected to the Local School Council in the district and served on the board for the Chicago Metropolitan YMCA representing an early childhood education learning center inside the district.

He currently owns and operates two businesses, Preston Construction and Preston Landscaping, and employs young men and young women from his current community Auburn Gresham.

Willie was a former lead organizer for Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation. As a community organizer – he fought for changes to the Fraternal Order of Police contract with the city of Chicago and the largest CTA procurement contract in its history that promises to create good jobs for Southsider’s.

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