Election time in Illinois

WordPress readers it’s here election in the good ole state of Illinois. What offices are up for grabs? There’s the Governor’s race, a congressional seat (20 candidates are circulating petitions to make the ballot in this race, after a 40-year incumbent announced he would not seek re-election (I’ll highlight him in future post). The race of races to watch will be the 16th district State Senate seat. I’ll be highlighting this seat as I’ll be working on the campaign. WordPress audience you will have front row seats as we hit the campaign to take this seat. let me take you back four years.

Others and I were very instrumental in bring justice to Laquan MacDonald. After a journalist along with a young activists filed a freedom of information act (foia) to get the police dashcam video released of the shooting. It cost our than States Attorney to lose her re-election, Police Superintendent Gary Maccarthy to be terminated and Mayor Rham Emmanuel chose to not seek re-election, and Michigan Ave a luxury shopping district lost 1 million dollars due to our Black Friday shut down of Christmas shopping. Streets to Midway Airport was snarled with traffic due to our organizing. Mind you WordPress this was during the height of Christmas season.

After these successes we turn our protest into politics, to people not aware everything across this globe is political. We set our sights on political office, activists across the city ran for political office, some did well enough to force incumbents into runoff elections. With no success stories to report, we did not give up.

Let’s me take you back the campaigns of the past and our candidates. Our gubernatorial candidate Tio Hardiman (Mr Ceasefire) was the Executive Director of Ceasefire crime in Chicago was reduce under his leadership, after a family issue he was terminated. Tio cast his hat in the race for Governor in 2017.

Tio Hardiman Chicago Activist

Hardiman, never one to mince words, was direct when explaining why he decided to run for gubernatorial office again.
“I’m really the last great hope for my people, African-American people,” said Hardiman. “The reason why I talk about the Black community is because everyone wants the Black vote. The Black vote is a hustle. Black death is a hustle. The governorship has been dominated by White men since the inception of the state of Illinois and it’s time to change the narrative.”
Among Hardiman’s early campaign promises are reducing the number of killings in Chicago by 50 percent, reducing the African American unemployment statewide, balancing the state budget, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, ensuring equal pay for women, and more.
“The majority of Illinois is working class, middle class, and poor people, and if we supported someone from our own population, from our own group, we would win this election by a landslide victory,” said Hardiman.
Although Tio lost the race to our current Governor Pritzker he pulled impressive numbers.

Another candidate we slated to run alongside Tio for Illinois State Rep. is Willie Preston he ran against a 30-year incumbent. This race interested me the most, usually incumbents are allotted $30,000 for re-election as these seats are only two-year seats. This year proved to be very challenging for the incumbent although we lost. I would like to make note the incumbent spent $500,000 against us in their re-election bid. To this day we are very proud of this election, considering our volunteers showed up hungry and broke with only an offer to help us win the election.

Willie Preston run for State Rep 2018

Here we are today, as Willie Preston announced his run for a seat in the Illinois Senate, to face off against a 25-year incumbent. As we get down to the last days of petitions circulation (March 7th is the cutoff date). We are more than confidant we will make the ballot once again. We are in a better position to resource our candidates and have studied and learned a lot from past campaigns. Our first fundraiser is February 28th, 2022. I will be broadcasting live and will upload the video on March 1st. WordPress audience join me as I bring you politics chicago style.

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