I’m back with updates

hmmmm where did i leave off, oh the brazen daytime robbery of the luxury car dealership GoldCoast Exotic Motors. Police arrested two men out of the state of Indiana for the robbery, in which 2 million worth of luxury watches was taken. Before the arrest Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Joe Perrillo had a meeting to talk about the robbery. A ‘source’ told media outlet Mayor Lightfoot called Mr. Perrillo a “idiot” Mr. Perrillo states “I’m not aware that she called me an idiot … at least she did not say that to me’.

A month later Chicago police arrested a 38-year-old man, Carlos Valiant for the brazen daytime robbery a second man is still at large.

Well Illinois now has a second potential serious candidate for Illinois Governor race. Richard Irvin whom I mentioned in a previous article is all in for the Governor’s race. Days ago, hedge fund billionaire donated 25 million to Irvin campaign, as of now it’s not much excitement as candidates are collecting signatures to be on the ballot. After signatures are turned in then comes the challenges, which is always the fun part. Will the democrat party allow challenger Richard Irvin on the ballot? Word on the street Gov JB Pritzker is worried about this election, can his big money buy the election this year?

A big victory for some Illinois downstate counties, a Judge lifted the mask mandate in these counties. It has since speeded to schools in downstate Illinois. This particular area in Illinois has a very strong voter turn-out and usually picks the Governor for the state. Down state citizens are not happy with JB Pritzker mask mandates and having to show vaccination cards to enter business, such as restaurants, movie theaters and gyms. It seems our current Governor isn’t ready to give up control over the people of Illinois, when it comes to mask mandates. Pritzker states the Sangamon County Judge ruling against mask is for the county the judge resides in and his ruling doesn’t affect the State of Illinois as a whole. Since this ruling I will note other counties have also ruled mask wearing to be optional.

As i mentioned above in this article, Illinois down state counties are usually the areas that pick the next Governor, as Chicago and Cook County numbers are not large enough to pick Governors during the election cycle.

As covid numbers drop drastically and Pritzker rating stands at a steady 43%. The governor is faced with voter enthusiasm as voters are pretty much tried or overloaded with Covid fatigued, Violence fatigued, Bail bond reform fatigued, and Criminal justice fatigued. I’m fatigued.

After speaking with people in my family, friends and community members. Voters are not enthused about the candidates’ challengers and incumbents. This is showing as I talked with candidates collecting signatures for ballot access. challengers are saying people are harder to reach and persuade to sign their petitions. Incumbents are paying a hefty price for signatures the problem there having is finding people to circulate petitions.

happy election …

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