CPS (chicago public schools) CTU (chicago teachers union) and Parents

Happy New Year, I like when another year comes. It always brings new promises, new goals and new anticipations. Chicago the city I live in with its drama, confusions, and the promises of media drama. Chicago did not disappoint in true chicago fashion the drama between CPS, Mayor Lightfoot, CTU again plays out on the national stage. After christmas break the districts children willing and ready to return to school, was put on hold by the covid virus. CTU wants the district to return to remote learning until January 18 2022 for staff and students safety.

CTU house of delegates voted 73% to return to remote learning until Jan 18th citing health concerns

Mayor Lightfoot is adoment chicago childrens need to be in schoo for daily instruction

Parents feel their children should be in school, citing remote learning puts parents in a tough spot, work or stay home

Some teachers are complaining about days without pay, as the mayor says this is a illegal strike.

Today in the MT Greenwood community teachers showed up to their classrooms.

In the pass CTU ususally had support of the city and parents, not so much in the last five days classes has been cancelled. Parents dominate the airwaves with interviews, rallies and outreach efforts to rally parents and its working.

CTU has sent members to schools to see what teachers are showing up to their classrooms, with threats of publishiig a scab list, Yet CTU states this is not a strike but a pause to in school learning.

Today CTU could be seen in the downtown area in cars blowing horns around city hall where Mayor Lightfoot office is located. From social media post employers and employees was not thrilled.

CTU’s car caravans could be seen in communities, yet getting very little traction or support from communities

Parents are feed up, they feel betrayed by CTU and are waking up to the tactics CTU iis using. Every parent aI spoke with sates, this is another tactic to make Mayor Lightfoot look bad. Parents feel their children are being used in a political game, and they’er not playing along.


Helen T

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