It’s 2022 !!!!

Happy New Year wordPress visitors and accoount holders. I pray everyone is safe, with basic needs for living. It’s been a tough two years yet we all made it to see a New Year, we continue to hold on to the memories of all the people we lost in the past two years As the world continue to tackle the pandemic of covid-19 and its variants I pray we stay vigiliant, and up to date on the information of this virus. Wether your on the side of science or against. just stay informed and make the best decisions for you and your family. Keep your medical history confident, and your choice to vax or not to yourself. Its your private decision, And it saves you from listening to the ignorance of people that failed science in school or people that took three years of science.

A new year holds so much promiise, some of use will finally see the works of many years of tending to seeds wie planted in previous years, it coud be a Degree after four or more years of school, it could be a job after being jobless for years, a safe clean place to stay after years of homelessness, or the reconciliation of the family. Whatever it may be enjoy this new year with its new mysteries. And above all everyday get up be kind, loving and intenitional.

Politics of Chicago, Ken Griffin a billionaire living in Illinois has offered to support the best candidate to beat our present Gov Pritzker. Ken a hedge fund banker says he will support the best candidate republican or democrate as long as the person can beat Gov Pritzker. According to news reports Ken Griffin is courting the Mayor of Aurora (the second largest city in Illinois) to challenge Gov Pritzker. His name is Mayor Richard Irvin he’s in hiis second term as mayor of Aurora with a impressive record.

This is a small introdiction of who Mayor Richard Irvin is and hs accomplishments. Raised by a single mother in Aurora’s public housing, Mayor Irvin graduated from East Aurora High School and enlisted in the United States Army and proudly served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It was a death-defying experience on the Middle East’s frontlines that inspired him to return home and be of service to his community.

A former educator at all of his alma maters, Irvin was also an adjunct professor at Robert Morris College and Northern Illinois University and a substitute teacher at East Aurora School District 131.

In 2007, Irvin made history as the first African-American male elected to the Aurora City Council as an alderman-at-large. Elected for three consecutive terms, he served for 10 years – yielding the final two years of his third term when he was elected mayor in 2017.   In just the first term of Irvin’s mayoral administration, Aurora has seen unprecedented generational progress in public safety, technology, education, community engagement, small business growth, and economic development, including the rebirth of iconic buildings – which were vacant for decades – such as the Terminal, Hobbs, and Keystone buildings in downtown Aurora and this former Copley Hospital on Aurora’s eastside. 

When asked about a governatorial run Mayor Richard Irvin had this to say “”I am honored and flattered that people are considering me in that light, but right now I’m doing the work for the city of Aurora,” he said.

Nominating petitions start circulating Jan 15 2021 for candiates name to be placed on the ballot. Will he run ?????

I have to make note that our current Governor Pritzker spent 125 Million on hs first run as governor, this will be his second term he’s currently campaigning for. I have to also mention Gov Pritzker has been running campaign ads a year before nominating petitions can be circulated. In my ghetto estimation he doesn’t have the numbers.

One last note Gov Pritzker is worth 5 billion while Ken Griffin is worth 31 billion. This alone is going to mke for a interesting political season.

Mayor Richad Irvin
Illinois current Gov Pritzker

Happy New Year

Helen T

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