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December 1st 2021 – December 9th 2021 Some of you may have read about Jesse Smollet, he was a actor on a tv series Empire based in Chicago. As his popularity and his apperances on the show starts to decline. Smollet’s mental state or his obsession with drugs and sex increased his behavior became a concern with Empires staff.

On January 29th 2019 Smollet made a call to Chicago Police filing a report statng he was the victim of a hate crime. The next day as Chicagoians woke up to prepare for work while watching news reports of the attack, I believe everyone living in Chicago shook their heads we instantly knew there was no validity to the story. The biggest red flag for us was the weather, you see on Wednesday January 29th 2019 the weather report reads as follows. Dangerously cold arctic air mass wind chill in effect until 6pm Tuesday (January 28th 2019), followed by wind chi warnigs thru noon Thursday (January 30th 2019), expected to reach 23 beow zero Tuesday January 28th 2019 night into Wednesday (January 29th 2019), morning, with wind chills ranging from 30 to 55 below zero.n On the day in question at 2am in the morning with is the time Jesse Smollet left his friends apartment it was colder in Chicago than the north pole.

As a Chicagoian I know two things happen when weather predicts a snow storm, and extreme cold weather such as the weather on January 29th 2019. We go shopping we stock up on food, and household goods. We plan nights of comfort food cooking as we settle in with family and with our other. No way would we risk walking outdoors in extreme weather espically extreme cold weather, if we hungry we called ubers eats or another food delivery service. At the time our Mayor Rham Emmaniel sent Smollet a bill for the wasted resources after the investigation conclued Smollet filed a false police report.

On December 9th 2021 a jury found Jesse Smollet guilty on five counts nof disorderly conduct for making false police report to police. He was aqquitted on one felony count of disorderly conduct.

December 12 2021: Slightly before noon on Saturday two men entered the Bently, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce dealership on North Rush street. One of the men used a hammer to smash a display case containing extremely expensive watches. The expensive timepeices are Richard Mille brand-watches advertised as ” a racing machine on the wrist” retail for hundreds of thousands sometimes million of dollars. When i first read the story I said to myself hmmmm. Chicago is turmoil at present robberies, carjackings, and retail thiefs has increased since the George Floydd riots and the shelter in place. Honestly its as if a black cloud hovers above the city, if you lived her you wourl probably echo my sentiments. This particular situation Im going to hold off until I can get more infirmation. It couold be a inside job (Ill post new updates to this story later as I gather more information)..

As wrote in a previous article the Holiday season for a far back as I can remember its certain a tragic event will accur that will bring the city to its knees. On November 21st 2021 as most families prepare for holiday travel to be with family, grocery stories are crowded with shoppers, the city of Chicago prepare for the lighting of the official Christmas tree. Tragedy struck in the Roseland community. 14 year old Kevin was killed his young body ridded with nine bullets killing him instantly. Three days later his mother Delisa Tucker was killed in the same spot her son’s lifeless body lay on November 21st. News repports stated she was killed as she visited the site her son was killed. Police found her laying on the ground with one single bullet wound to the chest. After some investigation and gathering of information. Kevin was killed as he stood in fromt of a home that has been a nusaince house on the block weeks prior the house has been the target of previous shootings, and the day Delisa was shot she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and so was the casse with her son. Police did release video of two suspects wanted in the questioning for Kevin Tinker’s murder

Video of two suspects wanted in the questioning of Kevin Tinker murder
Kevin Tinker 14 yo Killed Nov 21, his mother Delisa Tucker 31 yo killed Nov 25th (photo credit CBS).

As community servants we are never immune or protected from community violence, we can become victims to senseless violence even more so than everyday citizens. I believe with time working and advocating for the communites we have some protection and we use our witts to move around the city. November 30th our advocating community was hit with the tragic death of our own. Q was found shot to death four blocks from his house. Q will always be know for his gentle nature, and his love for oppressed people around the globe. He was a educated young man and fought on the front lines for oppressed people. Unfortunately Q was killed by a family member. Q the city of Chicago Soulute you, your love for the people will forever live in our hearts. Take your rest comrade

I would like to thank everyone that visted and took the time to read my words, (I’ll get better at editing the artices LOL) it really means a lot to me. As we close out the year 2021, I pray for better days ahead for us all. The last two years has really been a challenging for us as humans, yet we stood strong all over the globe. In the year 2022 I’ll be more consistent with my interaction and support of the articles on WordPress and the authors.


helen t.

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