holidays in chicago

In chicago and probalely around the world after holloween we stat seeing commericials pushing thanksgiving, christmas, and new years. This is espically true in chicago.

A tradition in chicago is to search for it annual tree selected from a citizen in chicago or illinois. Its a honor to have your tree selected to stand in millinium park, where people come from all over to see it’s holiday glory. This year with be chicago’s 108th year tree lighting ceremony.

This years tree will be supplied by a Lincolin Square family the Benevides. A 51 foot blue spruce from thier yard will be lit up lin melliniom park Nov 19th 2021 until January 9th 2022.

Holidays in chicago can be a loving time of year everyone are cheerful givers. There are always stories of good deeds happening around the city. Door men being handed envelopes of cash, waitresses finding tips of enomorius amounts, everyone eats everyone gets a gifts.

This season we’ll see more families gather for the holiday as last year the world was on a mandatory shelter in place, well I know for certain chicago was. Happy to be together after some very trying times, some families will gather without the presence of a love one due to corona virus,or violience yet they will indeed celebrate trying to bring some since of normalcy to their lives..

The windows on State Street Macy’s store will feature a christmas tale in twelve windows at its store. Office parties, will be the buzz throughout the downtown as everyone shop for a special outfit. Our local politicians will pass out turkeys and christmas toys. Our mayor wil visit community christmas parties and thanksgiving turkey give aways.

Santa Claus go staight to the ghetto …

51 foot blue spruce doated by the Benevides family
Chicago tree lighting ceremony Nov 19th 2021

In advance I wish everyone reading this article a Happy Holidays and Peace throughout the World…

Helen T.

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