Arts In The Dark

Arts in the Dark is in it’s 7th year, it features a holloween parade down State Street that great street, mentioned in songs and written about in articles,The event has drawn crowds from naboring suburburbs and states within a two hour drining distant its often called the finale of holloween week in Chicago.

Arts in the Dark is a showcase of Chicago’s artistic community, various theater groups showcase their artictic skills.

I’ll highlight a theater company I”m most associated with through my youngest daugther, my granddaugther attends the company. Their performance was nothing short of amazing The Theater Company Forward Momentum Chicago lead by Founder& Excutive Director Pierre Lockett.

Pierre Lockett served as Director of Community Engagement with the Jeffery Ballet where he grew it’s program from ten schools in 1996 to over 55 schools in 2014. After twenty years of professional dancer, Mr Lockett combined his passion and expertise for dance with his desiret to inspire youth throuogh invigorating dance prgrams. He has worked extensively with youth from Chicago Public Schools. Pierre Locket is the receipent of Black Theater Alliance award, Ira Aldridge Award for Best Performance in a Music or Dance Program, Th Princess Grace award for Dance.and has serv as panalist for The National Endowment for the Arts.

I remeber as a younger adult there was a Theater in our downtown area The Ivanhoe I went to see Bob Fosse production of DANCE DANCE DANCE

I firmly believe arts is needed for a healthy central nervous system …

The beauty of music on the Central Nervous System…

Young people dedicated time towards the outcome…

Pierre Lockett

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