Lori’s Chaotic Chicago

Two Chicago police shot one killed August 9 2021, It has been a chatoic weekend in Chicago, with the city on edge, politicians and police play the blame game. Who is inderectly responsible for the shooting of two CPD officers this pass weekend. The police union says Lori Lightfoot (mayor) Suptendent Brown and District Attornet

y Kim Foxx has blood on their hands, all share in the chaos that has taken over Chicago, once a beautiful city has now been over-run with crime, daily shootings and car-jackings. A city on edge, A city on edge ……..

Officer Ella French Killed in the line of duty after a traffic stop August 9th 2021 Ella French has been on the force since April 2018. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Officer French during the rioting and looting that overtook my community during the george floydd riots. She wanted to do in the commuity, she was open to listen and would offer to help as much as she could with our community efforts. Ella French was the officer that rode in the car with the mom whose 3 month old baby was shot in my community she kept the mom calm and ensured her they would do everything to save her child and catch the people responsible, Everyone in the community loved and respected Officer French, I sit hear with tears as I’m typing this piece, She was a beautiful soul. Officer French was not from my community although she partnered with a young male I know that grew up in my community he introduced Officer French to the community. The community mourns Officer French so young to young to die at the hands of demonic persons.

See the source image
emonte morgan
Emonte and Eric Morgan brothers charged with the shooting of two Chicago Police Officers.

Emonte Morgan charged with the murder of Officer French and the shooting of Officer Yanz Eric Morgan charged with gun possession and other charges. Although these young men had not ties to the community or Chicago they did visit and have some associates in Chicago, These young men are actually from Wisconsin and state north of Illinois it take three hours or less to travel to from Chicago. After the shooting I went into the community to try to identify them, no one knew them, no gang affiliations in the city at all. This isn’t uncommon there are cases in the pass in which people from Wisconsin have committed crimes in Chicago and was caught. There is the case of the young mother dropping her child off to the fathers house, as she stood talking to the father a car comes up the street and starts shooting the mother runs with her child in hand , she falls with the child and rolls under a car with her child, she was dead the baby lived. Police chased the car and the occupants were all from Wisconsin. There is also the case of two car-jackers after a police chase ended with one of the occupants killed both were from Wisconsin, there has been other cases I’ll leave it there as I’m research stats on outside people and crime in the city. There also was a third suspect eighteen year-old young girl, according to a facebook post by a women that identified as her mother, her daughter was missing for a week on the day of the killing of Officer French she had just gotten in the car with the killers. She was not charge.

Today a facebook live surfaced of the boys mother as she tries to gain entrance into her sons room Emonte Morgan was shot several times and is currently in the hospital trauma unit under protection. I have included link to video below

Iam new to word-press it took a long time learning how to embedded the video lol. I’ll have more tomorrow…..

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