Chicago Police turn their Back on Lori

See the source image
Chicago Police gather at Stroger’s Hospital after two police shot one dies Officer French 29 years old (female) the gentleman in white shirt black pants is John Catazara is the head of the FOP lodge 7 in Chicago.
Officers with their backs turn as Mayor Lori Lightfoot enters the hospital

As the mayor enters Storgers hospital officers turn their backs, many believe the Mayor and politicians have tied their hands when dealing with violent offenders thus leaving them vulnerable. There are several defund police groups in the city that are very vocal against the police all these groups are funded or receive funding from CTU Chicago Teachers Union. The thing you have to understand about Chicago is everything is political and unions run the city. Chicago is a very corrupt city that is a part of a corrupt state. The vultures are circling as elections, and petitions circulating began ………..

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