Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich was the 40th governor of the State Illinois was convicted of felony charges of public corruption. This administration was riddled with controversy, Rod unbeknown to him surrounded himself with self serving people looking for a chance to get rich off the people of Illinois. During the time of Rod’s Governorship I would visit Springfield (Illinois State Capitol) for various trainings. The halls of the Capitol was loud with laughter, conversation and partying, I observed no matters of business going on. Several people I know worked in Rod’s Administration, and all served time for corruption, for that reason I won’t mentioned any names. One was the head of DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) convicted of funneling monies to contractors for promotional materials which he had ties to one company he owned and the other he sat on the board of. Another was convicted of fraud dealing with a beauty salon and daycare, I never understood why he was convicted never the less he served time in jai. There was the question of two drivers for top excutives of Department of Health and Human Services. Questions of duties and responsibilities that would explain the $69K/70K salaries of the two men was never established. And last but not least The Silk Pajama affair, after one of the above mentioned drivers was fired he filed a federal lawsuit against the Deputy Chief of staff for sexual harassment. The verdict came back unfounded and the lawsuit was throw out still the young mans lawyer argued bias because he was a man bringing the lawsuit. This is just a few situations of chaos under Rod’s administration, there is much more I can divey into but I’ll leave it there for now. During Rod’s trail and impeachment he stood alone fighting a Democratic machine that has a strong-hold on the state of Illinois sadly he would never win. Rod is in the news today, August 2 2021 he filed a federal lawsuit seeking to run for office in the State of Illinois. Some of you may not know the Illinois State Senate barred him from seeking office in Illinois, Rod states in his lawsuit his civil rights was violated and never had the opportunity to defend himself.

Rod was well liked in the State of Illinois his approval ratings was 95% when he was arrested at his home. During his trail citizens in Illinois felt as thou a old friend was being railroaded by a unjust system. Rod was the people’s Governor he really cared for the people of Illinois. He passed policies such as childcare benefits for working parents, free rides for seniors, and he also put in place gun control legislation if it was enforced would really be good for the citizens of Illinois. When Obama won the presidency his Illinois Senate seat was up for grabs Rod was the person responsible for naming his replacement. This is when everything goes left for Rod. This is another situation that I’m not sure of Rod’s wrong doing never-the-less he was convicted and served fourteen years until pardon by the Trump administration pardon him.

Rod would often used quotes when speaking of the injustices of his arrest and trial, there was one in particular that stuck with me for years. ” It is not the roar of the lions but the silence of my friends” is what pains me the most. He would often quoted Martin Luther King and Shakespears, in his after court interviews before the media. Rods ‘friends’ stood by and left him to the wolves, not a word from any of them. He gave them opportunities to better their lives and the lives of the people living in their communities. It was a sad reality for Rod, a young man with Polish immigrants parents, growing up on the harsh streets on the northside of Chicago. During the days of Rod’s trial I would still go to Springfield for trainings, I immediately notice a change in the environment I did not hear the roar of laugther as I did when Rod was in office, when I walked through the halls of the State Capital I heard the sound of silence. It was a sad end to Rod’s administration many of the people was fired when his replacement was sworn into office. Some landed on their feet others did not.

I meet and spoke with the Governor on several occasions, he even offered me a job with his administration, I declined to much chaos for me at the time. Rod was a very likeable guy, he seemed to drift between reality and fantasy most times.

Ex-Governor Who Tried to Sell Obama Senate Seat Files Lawsuit for Right to Run Again
In 2009, the Illinois General Assembly removed Blagojevich as governor and barred him from seeking elected office in the future
Published August 2, 2021 • Updated on August 2, 2021 at 10:56 p

The people of Illinois loved him, Can he make he come back ????

Ex-Governor Who Tried to Sell Obama Senate Seat Files Lawsuit for Right to Run Again

In 2009, the Illinois General Assembly removed Blagojevich as governor and barred him from seeking elected office in the future

Published August 2, 2021  Updated on August 2, 2021 at 10:56 pm

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