Mayor Lori

Tonight while out eating with friends, we just came from a friend Mother’s memorial, while I never met her mom. I could tell she was a loved person 84 years on this earth, five children nineteen grandchildren, thirty-two great great grandchildren and 32 years of marriage. The friends I met at the memorial decide we wasn’t going to the repast we would go out to eat instead. We chose my favorite place Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles on 39th and King Drive. I like CHOCW is a quant place with boots, tables and chairs. My favorite on the menu is the fried chicken and catfish, sweet potatoes, red beans and rice, greens and cornbread is my suggest if you every in Chicago. No lines no wait, except for Sundays when church crowds fill the place as there are plenty of churches in the area. Bronzville is a area rich in Black Culture, at one time my family owned a grocery store in the area, although when I was a little girl I notice there was never food in the store. As I got older I learned the store was used for gambling, running numbers and other vices I did not know existed until I got older and my last living aunt told me the history of my family on my father’s side. Anyway as my friends and waited for our food, I asked them about Mayor Lori Lightfoot and what did the think about a second term as Mayor of Chicago. I also mentioned in a article she stated she did not know as of yet if she would seek re-election. One of my friends Marilyn S, stated she voted for Mayor Lightfoot but she would not vote for her again if she seek re-election. I asked her if she mind sharing her thoughts on why she would not support her bid re-election if she was to seek a second term. Marilyn stated she believes the city is out of control, and to much for the Mayor to handle. She thinks the Mayor is responsive and not proactive, to the problems in Chicago. She also believes the Mayor is a compulsive liar as she has been caught in a couple of lies. Take the Anjanette Young case, she denied she knew nothing about the tape or what happened. Upon further investigation it was discovered she in fact knew about the tape and had city attorney’s to fight the release. She also discussed the situation with Trump, and her F-U comment. She felt as if The Mayor was playing up to popular opinion about Trump instead of tending to Chicago and the virus that was sweeping through the country. Yet The Mayor still hasn’t account for the millions send to Chicago by the Trump adminstration. I want to add Marilyn is not a supporter of Trump she feels the Mayor used Trump to deny or hide her inability and experience to run the city.    CHICAGO0000000………….

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