Lollapalooza 2021

Lollapaloozla ended Sunday August 1st 2021, inspite of much critisium it went ahead. I visited downtown Friday the second day of events. I must admit it was good to see people out in the loop smiling laughing having a good time. To see michigan ave light up with life, no fear of violence, no fear of coronavirus, just good music laugher and beautiful weather. We all wished for the days of old, the days before riots hit cities in the US when cities was destroyed by looting after the death of George Floyd. We all long for the days before covid-19 hit the world. Do we know where the virus came from some says they do, others don’t believe it is a virus. I say I know the virus killed four elderly people on the block I once lived. I missed going to the block to see the women and men that saw me grow up, visiting my childhood friends that knows all the ends and outs of the community. When covid hit the US and we went into shelter in place, so many people I know died, People that covered every age group across racial lines. So Friday being in the loop walking enjoying the sights sounds and people. Was a breath of fresh air, we all long for the days of old before the riots before covid….

RIP Mickey

RIP Otis

RIP Cleo

RIP Sand

RIP Vera

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