Where it started 2015

It started with the death of Laquan MacDonald 2015, the realease of video showing the shooting by a Chicago Police officer Jason Vandike..Although the activisism started for most of the activists in 2015, it was nothing new for some of the most seasoned activists. After the release of Laquan Macdonad killing by than police officer Jason Vandike young, elderly and politicians took to the streets of Chicago, demanding the arrest and conviction of Jason Vandike. The release of the video tape sparked protests around the city , one group slowed the traffic around Midway airport causing a small inconvience at the airport two people was arrested in that case. November 26, 2015 groups called for a shut down of shopping district on michigan ave on black friday. Costing the giant retail district millions of lost dollars. This is the time Black chicago used their political muscle with calls for than States Attorney Anita Alverez to step down, eventually she was beaten by the present States Attorney Kim Foxx. As protest escalated political awareness amonst citizens highthen, the general public became aware of the dark, deceiful, manupulative political secerets of the city. Politicians, Pastors and Community Leaders were being exposed as money hunger greedy parasites there behavior had gone on years withgout being checked, no conseques for the neglect of communiites and the people they served. The actorvists created a rhythum threw the air in Chicago, calls of political organizing, police reform breaking down a system of raceisum, bigotry and bias. The systems Education, 100 schools closed in Black communities, Policing over 200 Black men killed running away from police officers, Prisons Innocent Black men kidnapped away from their famalies jailed for years for crimes they never committed Politics where the corruption begins and never ends holds the city of Chicago as a hostage never to be free. A few of the younger actorvists ran for political seats, yet sadly none of them was successful. Sitting politicians out organize and out funded the inexperienced actorvists. Eventuently the Mayor Rham Emmanuel dcided to not seek a third term and left Chicago. During this era Chicago showed amazing strength and unity, sadly it never went beyound the protest. Supendent Gary Maccarthy was fired, Anita Alverez voted out of office, Rham Emmanuel decides to not seek a third term, These are some big wins for Chicago sadly it never went beyond the protest.

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Ex Chicago Police Supertendent Gary MarCarthy
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Ex States Attorney Anita Alverez
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Ex Mayor Rham Emmanueal

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