The killing of youth

The month of July 2020 proved to be a deadly month for young Black teens, six teens as young as 15 was killed, Damarion Benson 15, July 2th, Darian McGee 16 July 7th, Jeremiah Jones 16 July 20th, Davion Wright 16th July 21st, Yance Robinson (calumet City) 16 July 21st, Lugan Turner 17 July 24th. Young men killed before their eighteen birthdays. After speaking with family members some of these teens either just celebrated a birthday or birthday was in the near future. Mother’s left with a hole in their hearts after the sudden death of their children, left with so many unanswered questions. Why? Why? Why? Why ?. Years of tears holidays, and birthdays reliving the day of a call that would forever change their lives. Another added holiday to to a list of celebration’s their sons death date.

What if someone other than parents believed in them?

What if they lived in safe communities?

What if the schools in their communities were of standard ? Instead of sub-standard education?

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